Hello Vienna! Welcome to The Dungeon

Last weekend I went on a citytrip to Vienna and obviously I Googled to see whether there was a box around to crossfit Vienna. I ended up at The Dungeon on the Josefstädter Strasse 76 which is really closely located to the apartment where I was staying. Unfwod-viennaruitfully trying to contact them by a last minute email, I decided to turn up for a wod and see if I could join in. Fortunately, the trainers at The Dungeon publish their daily schedule
and wod online so I did not only know what time to show up, but also what I was up to for the wod (which is really handy when your German is a crappy as mine is.)


So just a little before 10 o’clock, I was standing in front of a kind of unnoted building which showed a wall plate stating that this would be the right place to find The Dungeon. Entering a really nice and classical entrance, you walk through the door at the end of the hallway to end up at a small courtyard. Here you’ll find a stairway going downstairs welcoming you to The Dungeon! (To be honest, I was happy I found myself with some other crossfitters outside while entering the front door, because I’m not really sure whether or not I would have found the box otherwise. But that might say more about my search skills, than about the signing…)


Meeting trainer Rick, he was very welcoming and with a small group we started the warming up with rope jumps and some balancing exercises (try balancing on one foot after doing single rope jumps on the same singel foot, with your eyes closed. It’s harder then you think!) As most of the training space exists of two elongated spaces, it gives the room somewhat of a cosy feeling because for this kettlebell wod we were lined up in two rows and basically facing each other while working out. Trainer Rick kept a close eye on his athletes, while giving several tips (in English!) about my posture during the workout.

At my hometown crossfit box we normally don’t do a full kettlebell wod, so this wod made this experience abroad even more interesting. It made me realize I should definitely work some more on my kettlebell skills and posture. And my German skills. Got to work on those too…

Overall, I definitely enjoyed a sweaty morning workout during my citytrip in Vienna. So The Dungeon Crossfit Vienna and Rick: thanks a lot for having me!


Next up: Singapore & Bali! Got any tips for a great box I should visit? Let me know!

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