4 tips to prepare for a wod abroad

Whenever you’re traveling or city tripping and you want to crossfit abroad, you might want to make some preparations instead of randomly barging into a box. A few tips to make your visit a good one:

1. Find out if there’s a box nearby to where you are staying 

Part of my travel preparation fun is to find out if there’s a box nearby the place I’m staying. I always make use of the official crossfit affilate map. On this website you can find certified crossfit boxes all over the world, so it makes it very easy to see if there’s one around.

2. Contact to box to see whether you’re welcome to join in

Showing up unannounced might sound like a great spontaneous idea during you’re trip, but most boxes appreciate it when you contact them in advance. Some boxes don’t even allow drop-ins (like for instance in Singapore, where dropping in is an absolute no go in most boxes). So save yourself a disappointment and check out the website of the box you plan to visit before you march in. A quick email might be enough to assure yourself a spot in the workout and it’s nice for the trainer to know that you are coming.

3. Plan your wod in the early morning during your citytrip

Whenever I’m city tripping, I normally only have a weekend to visit a place and I never know what my days will look like. So to give myself the freedom of exploring a city without rushing myself from the other side of town back to the box for a wod, I’d rather plan my wod in the (early) morning. Just so you know: I’m actually not a morning person so to say. But in this way my wod doesn’t really interrupt my citytrip and I keep my travel company happy (not all of my friends or family are crossfit fans, so my absence will remain virtually unnoticed this way).

4. Take your time: be early

Once you got everything planned, make sure you take enough time to get to the box. Some boxes are a little tucked away and are not so easy to find for a first-timer. And always  arrive early at the box to introduce yourself to the trainer and your fellow wod-ers. You don’t have to pitch yourself for the entire group, but especially when English is not the main language it might be polite to have a quick chat with the trainer since he or she probably has to put in some extra effort to translate all the instructions in English for you. Furthermore, I also prefer to get a little comfortable in a new place before the work-out: checking out the place, feel what the atmosphere it like, check out the wod on the whiteboard… So basically being early is always a good idea.

Hopefully these tips will help you to fully enjoy your crossfit wod abroad!

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