Work hard & stay humble at Crossfit Mobilus, Singapore

It’s Singi time! It took a while counting down, but I’m finally here! Singapore is actually a transit for me to get to Bali, but it’s a great excuse to meet up with my friends Wouter and Mirte, and their newborn son Arthur. And it’s also a great opportunity to visit some crossfit boxes, since crossfit is very popular in Singapore. There are 13 official affiliate boxes registered in just the city center! Staying at the Furama City Center Hotel, there are two crossfit boxes only a short walk away. What a luxury! I decided to pay a visit to Crossfit Mobilus and Crossfit Urban Edge.

Planning ahead

Crossfitting in Singapore involves some serious preparations since spontaneous walk-ins are either not allowed or are not guaranteed slots. And since I would only stay 2,5 day in Singapore, I’d rather book in advance to make sure I could actually follow a wod. Fortunately Mobilus have placed their schedule on their website and it’s quite easy to book a class online through the mindbodyonline system. In your account you can exactly see which class you booked, who the trainer is, and whether or not you paid already (it’s possible to do so by Paypal). A single drop-in class costs 35 Singapore dollars, which is about 25 euro’s. Wods have 18 open spots, so the groups are larger then I am normally used to (our box has 8 spots with an extension to 11 spots). I booked my class for the 27th of October at 7.30 o’clock in the morning, praying that my jetlag and the time difference of 6 hours would not mess with my physical state of being.

Follow the nano’s

Walking down the street trying to find the box, I saw a guy running by on his Reebok Nano’s. Well, what are the odds! (One advice: always keep you’re eyes open for people wearing Nano’s and Metcon’s when you’re trying to find a box. It also helped me find the place in Vienna). I knew I was nearby and I was about to make a short run to catch up with him, when I saw him running just straight into a… SevenEleven. Mmm, not really what I was looking for. Fortunately, I was already standing in front of a big building with the right address. Upon entering the second entrance, I already heard some loud music so I knew I was in the right place.

A two stories box

I entered the Crossfit Mobilus box and I found myself in a sort of two stories box with a mezzanine floor above. Not seen that before in other boxes, but it’s a great way of making maximum use of the space. Especially in cities like Singapore, where the ground meters are very expensive. The place was full of people doing the 6.30h wod and others waiting for the 7.30h class. My class consisted out of a mix of Americans, Australians, and locals. However, I was the only drop-in, because even the non-locals seemed to live in Singapore (at least the ones I talked to did).

The wod and the jetlag

Trainer Kelvin made us do a small warming up, followed by weightlifting:

2 mins setsdsc_2366
Snatch Grip DL
4×3 @ 115%

Snatch High Pull
4×3 @ 100-105% of 1 RM

Power Snatch
4×2 @80%

Since the workout space is oblong, people lined up perfectly and we all started our sets. Fortunately, they have air-conditioning in this box. While it was still early in the morning, the place was quickly heating up. For me, I had some converted counting to do from lb to kg to get to the right weight, but then I was good to go. And I loved practising my snatches again.

After the weightlifting part we continued in two groups for the wod:

3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24
Thrusters (100/65)
C2B (Scale: Pullups/Ring Rows)

Splitting the group in two gave us all some more space to work in and now I understood how they would fit in 18 persons per wod. Again, a very clever way to make use of the box and since the wod would only take 7 minutes per group it’s no problem waiting just a little. Doing the wod a little scaled, I even got to finish the 5th round. Not too bad after two nights with a crying baby and a jetlag on board I must say!

dsc_2378Work hard & stay humble

One of the windows next to the entrance of Crossfit Mobilus states: work hard & stay humble. Well, that is just what I felt like after finishing this wod: I worked hard, but still have more than enough progress to make. Trainer Kelvin and the other crossfitters, it was great droppin
g in with you all! And now I’m totally ready for doing touristy citytrip things with my friends here in Singi!

Next up: Crossfit Urban Edge in Singapore

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