Crossfit Urban Edge

Getting Halloween ready at Crossfit Urban Edge, Singapore

Last week I got to visit two crossfit boxes in Singapore (read all about Crossfit Mobilus in this blog). Getting ready for the 7 o’clock morning wod at Crossfit Urban Edge, I had no idea what to expect. I checked out their website before signing up for class and I got a bit scared by the pics of lots of very muscular men and women on their site. (for your info: I’m quite tall, but I’m nowhere to be found next to the the Dottir-ladies if it comes to muscles…) So I was getting ready for some competition here…

Easy to find

The box was only a short stroll from my hotel and it’s just lovely walking down the street in a city which is just waking up. I ended up in a very nice neighbourhood with beautiful colonial low rise buildings. That was nice surprise after the high number of malls and skyscrapers that Singapore contains. The Urban Edge sign was right out on the streetside, so this made it very easy to find.

Nothing to be afraid of…

Opening up the front door, I was standing in the box right away. Trainer Eric welcomed me as soon as I entered the place. How wrong was my impression by just looking at their website… I was standing in a place with a very friendly and warm atmosphere, nothing to be afraid of at all! Eric introduced me to the other two guys who were here for the early morning wod (the classes at Urban Edge normally contain 8 spots, so today we were just with a few early birds). One guy was a graphic designer from Brasil, but lived in Singapore for 4 years already and the other one was a real Singi.
dsc_2494      dsc_2491
For the warming up, another nice surprise followed: Eric opened up the back door and all of a sudden we were standing in little park. Warming up with a run we passed a group of elderly ladies practising their morning gym in the park, making my local experience complete.

Halloween special

For the wod the three of us had had to team up for a Halloween special.
Halloween special wod (for a team of 3):
150 Wall Balls
75 Body snatches
300 Double Unders
75 Hangman Cleans
150 Deadlifts
(40kg/30 kg)
 We more or less decided to each do an equal amount of reps, but then trainer Eric made it a little more special by adding dead hangs on the pull up bar and plank holds for the second person who was not working, while the third person rested and counted. So a workout it was! We managed to finish in about 30 minutes while Eric helped us through both in motivating us and giving us instructions to improve our skills. That’s definitely a big plus for training in a smaller group: the trainer can keep a good eye on all of you.

Ready for fright night

Taking one for the team got us totally ready for fright night, as my head turned completely tomato coloured. However, it was big fun doing and especially as a drop-in you feel really part of the team with these kind of partner or team wods. I really enjoyed the wod at Crossfit Urban Edge and a last mayor plus that I found out about was the airconditioning in the box. Something that was not available at the box in Canggu, Bali I visited. More about that experience will be placed online soon!

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