Sweating upside down at S2SCrossfit in Canggu, Bali

Moving on from Singapore to Bali, I found out there are only 3 crossfit affiliates located in Bali: 2 in Canggu, and 1 in Jimbaran. That’s a bit of a contrast with the 13+ boxes in Singi, but all of the more a great excuse to visit at least two boxes! My friend recommended to go to Canggu and pay a visit to S2S Crossfit. And so it happened: booked my hubby and myself a romantic getaway night in Canggu, and booked directly a crossfit class at S2S. They also work with the mindbodyonline system, so it’s very easy to see the schedule and book a class online.

Beautiful road

Normally I try to get in a 7 o’clock class, especially when it’s getting so hot during the day like in Bali. S2S has a Crossfit light class for beginners in the early morning, so I got to sleep out and got myself into the 9 o’clock class.  While most people just rent a scooter in Canggu, I decided to take a walk to the box. Passing some sawa’s and lots of green views, this was no punishment at all.

I found the S2S crossfit box just along the road. It’s a sort of inside outdoor box: lots of open space, but with all the facilities a box needs. Trainers Morten and Cornelia from Denmark welcomed me when I stepped inside. Today it was Cornelia’s turn to give a class and she started by asking everybody to shake hands to introduce ourselves as most of us were drop-ins. A very welcoming start of the wod! This morning our class consisted of 6 people: 5 girls and 1 guy.

Upside down

For the warming up, Cornelia made us swim on the ground. This sounds really weird as I’m writing it down, but it was a great way to warm up our shoulders. And that was something we definitely needed for our progression hand stand push ups. Together with two Australian girls, Jess and Kim, I got myself upside down and worked ourselves through the HSPU progressions (Handstand hold/wall climbs, Strict HSPU, Kipping HSPU) to get ready for the wod.

Tropical wod

With our arms and shoulders very warmed up, we were ready to start the  wod:

EMOM 16: max effort
2. Burpees
3. Double unders
4. Rest

While the wod was not particularly difficult in a technical sense, I was absolutely sweating like crazy. With just a few vans (airco would make no sense in this half open box, but in Singi it was an absolute luxury as I realized now), it really felt like a tropical wod!

I was glad my friend recommended this box, because the atmosphere was very good: people were helping each other out and trainer Cornelia took time for everyone to improve their HSPU skills. One advice for visiting this box: always bring a lot of water or something else to drink!

Thanks a lot to Cornelia and Morten for having me and I hope to get a chance to come back soon!

Our class

Our tropical wod heroes


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