S2S crossfit Jimbaran

A challenging family wod in S2S Crossfit, Jimbaran

After visiting S2S crossfit Canggu I got really curious about their other box in Jimbaran. Especially since trainer Cornelia told me that this box was completely different from the one in Canggu. So I was determined to pay S2S crossfit Jimbaran a visit as well.

A family affair

While I’m normally try to get an accommodation close to the crossfit box I like to visit (or I pick one close to where I’m staying), S2S Jimbaran was quite a drive from the place where I was staying in Bali. As my dad offered to give me a ride, I asked him if he was not interested to join me during the wod. Since he is quite sporty (he runs every other day, and swims and mountainbikes on a regular basis), it did not take much for him to accept the challenge. He has never done anything like crossfit, so I was happy to introduce him into the great world of crossfit.

The jimbaran box

Well, trainer Cornelia was totally right. After a little search, we arrived at a sports facility that accommodates a soccer field plus a volleybal and a tennis court. Entering the box, we found ourselves in a very spacious crossfit box. We were welcomed by the German trainer Max and since we signed up online, he was already expecting us. Together with one other lady, my dad, three guys from Russia and one from England we made a very international crew. Max told us that there are about 20 permanent crossfit members in Jimbaran, all the others are drop-ins. And given the composition of our group, I believed him right away.

Say what?!

As my dad never did crossfit before, he had absolutely no idea what wat written down on the white board. (He already complained that he had no clue what I am talking about when I’m explaining the wod in my blogs 🙂 Welcome to the world of crossfit!). So now he was about to find out all about burpees,  plates, kbs and emom!

Trainer Max had split up the training in 3 parts:

A. Warm up:
Overhead walking lunges
KB & Burpee – ladder 3-6-9-6-3

B. 20 mins:
Kettle bell box step ups, 6 each leg (not alternating)
Supersede with 100m overhead plate carry

C. 12 min Emom
1. Max. plate burpees
2. Max. kettle bell swings
3. Rest


let’s go outside

Starting easy with the warming up, I was happy to notice that this box was well airconditioned. We took the wod at 5 in the afternoon, so the outside temperature was pretty warm and moist. However, for part B we had to do a 100m overhead plate carry outside. I believe it’s one of the very few times that I wished that I was allowed to run the 100m to get back into the airco asap. But with this exercise, the soccer field proved very useful and it was a great view with the palm trees in the back.

Finally, we got to part C. The part where the clock would decide whether my dad would actually finish this wod. With trainer Max on his side coaching him on his posture and explosiveness for the plate burpees and kettle bells, my dad proved to be an avid novice. He absolutely did a great work-out, especially when I think back of my first wod ever (which made me doubt myself whether I was crazy to choose crossfit as a sport. Especially the day after when I was basically unable to move any of my muscles). This was absolutely an successful work-out!

So thanks a lot to Max for making this family wod happen and his awesome coaching!

S2S crossfit Jimbaran

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