A hidden gem at Crossfit Mechelen

Mechelen might not be the first place in mind when you think of Belgium. But it’s definitely an upcoming city with loads of little boutiques, pop-up stores and nice bars. And there is the crossfit Mechelen box! Time to crossfit abroad at our neighbors.

Mechelen: the new place to be

Working at a publisher whose main focus is publishing city guides, I am always happy to visit one of our new destinations. And Mechelen will be one of our new guides in 2017, so why not go check out this lovely city? Of course you should always combine work with pleasure, so I was eager to see if there was a crossfit box around. Fortunately I found one: Crossfit Mechelen, owned by Stefanie and Peter, two dedicated crossfit coaches and athletes.

A garage box?

Arriving at the crossfit Mechelen box, I stumbled upon a building with only two garage doors. I was absolutely sure I was at the right place, because it had a big Crossfit Mechelen sign  but I couldn’t discover any other entrance than the two closed doors. Fortunately, another crossfitter arrived at the same time (recognizable by his crossfit jersey) and he assured me that I was at the right place and that the trainer would be there soon. I couldn’t wait to see what was behind these doors.

A hidden gem

Trainer Stefanie arrived within minutes and opened up one of the doors. Well, hello crossfit box! Two large spaces with all the equipment you could need to go wild during a wod. And they even added some strokes of artificial grass and flowers to give it a domestic touch. Stefanie turned on the hot airconditioning and within minutes the ice cold place turned into a comfortable place to work out.

The wod

Starting off with a warming up together with 10 other crossfitters, we were getting ready for today’s wod:

A. Every 3′ for 15 ‘: pause front squat x 4-6 reps

B. 3 sets voor max reps:

60″ Wall balls
(rest 60″)
60″ push ups
(rest 60″)
60 alt. reverse KB lunges
(rest 60″)

Working in groups of two or three with the front squats, we did our front squats under the supervision and sharp eye of trainer Stefanie. Next, we started off with part B while the trainer pushed us to every last second to get our max reps. We even had two supporters: the kids of crossfitter Marco joined in at the sideline.



Let’s get localdsc_3249

Visiting this lovely box in a very local area was definitely a nice experience. And of course I couldn’t leave without a real Crossfit Mechelen t-shirt! (Notable is that all the crossfitters upon arrival all wore a tee or jersey from this box. So I’m happy to fit in the next time 🙂 ).  Stefanie, thanks a lot for letting me drop in and hopefully Mechelen and me will meet again soon!




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