Friends and fun at Crossfit 353, Dublin

It’s Dublin time! Last week I went to Dublin for a citytrip  with friends and of course I tried to squeeze in a wod while exploring this lovely city. I reached out to Crossfit 353 to see if I could join their so-called ‘ Community wod’. And my friend Nathalie surprised me by telling me she wanted to join the wod too, since I’ve been telling her about crossfit but she had never done it herself. So we were in for some fun-time!

‘Early’ morning birds

After a visit to the Open Gate Brewery (home of the Guiness brewers project) the night before, our alarm clock sounded somehow quite early at 8 in the morning. The Crossfit 353 was located at almost a 40 minute walk from our Airbnb apartment, so we would be warmed up by the time we would get there.

community wod

After arriving at a white building, we walked just right into the community of Crossfit 353: a group of 30 or more people were waiting and ready to do a partner wod led by trainer Gary. So this is what the ‘ community wod’ was all about!

Warming up with  jumping jacks and burpees on the ‘Whip it’ song by Devo wasn’t a bad idea, since the box was pretty cold. Doing some stretching afterwards, we were ready to set up for our partner wod:

10 rounds (teams of 2, split up as needed)
10 Toes to bar (or 20 sit-ups)
20 Shoulder to overhead (strict press/push press /push jerk)
30 Barbell lunges

show your inner crossfitter

While giving my friend some little instructions here and there, Nathalie showed off her inner crossfitter. She managed to finish our ten rounds without a single groan, while absolutely enjoying her first crossfit wod (the groaning only started the next day when her sore muscles kicked in 🙂 ). But I’m really proud of her leaping into the deep to come and join me and my crossfit passion!

Finally, we stuck around to see the last group (of three) finish their wod and seeing these strong girls giving their best. Now Nathalie was able to see what crossfit really is all about.

let’s get local at crossfit 353

Talking to trainer Gary afterwards, he also gave us some good local tips for drinks and food around Dublin. (Gary, Rooftop bar Sophie’s was great!) Nathalie and I really enjoyed our work-out at Crossfit 353. I think it’s a great thing to have such a wod on a weekend day where the whole crossfit community of this box can join in, meet up and have a coffee (at coffee bar  3FE for example) or have breakfast together afterwards. And having two spacious rooms in this box,  it’s no problem to spread out the whole group while everybody having enough space to work out.

Cooling the long way down

Walking back to our apartment for a long and hot shower, we somehow got a little lost (I don’t know how, but you try to find your way without any internal sense of direction nor any online connection to Google maps… hopeless!).  And as a cooling down is alway a good idea, walking for another 1,5 hours might be a bit over the top, ugh! However, we absolutely enjoyed our citytrip and wod abroad in Dublin. So thanks again Gary and the community of Crossfit 353!

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