Crushing Annie between the mountains at Crossfit Zillertal, Austria

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” And even when you’re going skiing (or snowboarding as I do), there is no good excuse to not check whether there’s a box around. So I was very happy to find out that even in the Austrian mountains there is a crossfit box: Crossfit Zillertal.  And it’s only half an hour drive from my apartment in wintersport village Gerlos, so let’s go!

It’s all about the mountains

Going snowboarding for just a long weekend with a group of 17 people, a little planning ahead for my visit to crossfit box Zillertal is an absolute must. Issues like sneaking out without missing the first (and last) ride in the snow and trying to find my way in the early dark, snowy morning with lots of sharp turns in the road down the mountain slope are quite challenging (especially when you’re from the Netherlands where mountains are nowhere to been seen).

Fortunately trainer and owner Josef Oblasser gave me a warm welcome, both per email and upon arrival at the box. Crossfit Zillertal is located in Stumm in Zillertal at a spacious building with lots of windows which provide a great view at the mountains which surround this village. A big sign on the wall outside makes it easy to find.

The wod

Before starting, of course we had to check the 17.3 workout first! Watching the video from the new released Open workout, it’s clear that it’s all about snatching this weekend! So we started off with snatching technique for part A of the wod. Together with early birds Kathrin and Alex we made our way through a snatch ladder under guidance of trainer Josef.

After the snatching comes…crossfitgirl Annie!

Which means:
50 – 40 – 30 – 20 – 10
Double unders
Sit ups

Annie is one of my personal favorites as a benchmark wod, because it’s just working your way through these exercises without too much thinking. However… I can seriously recommend you to think about your underwear during this wod… :S (Ok, might be a little off topic, but let’s say I didn’t and ended up with some serious burns on my behind. Found out that’s not the best start of 3 days snowboarding since you’ll be sitting a lot on your butt…Whoaaaa! 🙂 ) But other than that it was definitely fun to do this wod!

And we were not finished yet: there was also a part C or cooling down which consisted of planking tabata’s. So can’t say I didn’t do a great core workout after this drop-in.

All warmed up for a great day of snowboarding, I would definitely like to thank Josef for having me at your box!  I’m so happy to see that the crossfit community made it’s way the Zillertal area last year and the valley location makes it very special. Just as the friendly people of course! And thanks to all of you for changing to English (while my German is pretty bad). So for now I would like to say: auf wiedersehen!



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