Party hard, crossfit harder at Myleo Crossfit, Berlin

My friend Andrada went to Berlin last week. In Berlin you can party hard, but you can even crossfit harder! So that’s exactly what she did  at Myleo Crossfit.  And it became a serious crossfit party!

Berlin, Berlin!

A weekend getaway is always a good idea. A weekend getaway in a capital full of history, culture, parties and beer is even a better idea. So, pack up your backpack and go to Berlin… and that’s what exactly I did!

However, I am not going to start writing about the awesomeness of this city (you should know, it is AWESOME). Instead I will tell you all about the awesomeness of one of their Crossfit boxes: Crossfit Myleo.

prep time

I’ve only been to a Crossfit box once while traveling to Bali and unfortunately that was not a pleasant experience for me. So this time I did my research in advance, after asking Tamara how to approach this crossfit abroad concept. This is how I ended up sending an e-mail to crossfit Myleo asking if I can do a Drop-in, which was free by the way.

The big day came and I found my way around Berlin on a Friday to join the 12 o’clock WOD. The box is pretty easy to find by public transport according to Google maps. But I decided to walk there because it was a beautiful, sunny day and I was on a holiday. When you are getting close though, be sure to pay attention to the entrance because you might miss it (like I did ) and end up walking for 10 minutes around that place, or until you see a group of people doing a farmer’s walk with heavy dumbbells.


The box: a welcoming community

The box looks amazing and welcoming (the sunny weather helped as well I might say) and the people were very friendly. The coach on that day was Daniel Lemke and he took the time to explain the WOD in English. He also  spent some time after the WOD talking to me about their box. That is how I found out that they have been open for 6 years and have good connections with other boxes throughout Germany and even Amsterdam. They are also quite big: 500+ members and in the evening WOD’s can host up to 20 people, but then they have 2 trainers. Overall I got the feeling like they really care about the crossfit community and make their members and other crossfitters feel very welcome.

What also helps in giving that feeling is their equipment. They have so (soooo!)  much crossfit goodies that it’s hard not to be jealous of their members: skiergs, assault bikes, rowers, GHDs, ropes, medballs & dumbbells (in all imaginable sizes and weights). I was like a kid in a toystore and was even allowed to stay after the WOD and train on my own (a.k.a. try all the toys, haha).


Now to some serious stuff: the WOD. As you might have guessed the WOD involved dumbbells because it was during the Open. Since my current box doesn’t have enough dumbbells I was ecstatic.

Part A: 5 rounds of:
200m farmers walk (25/15 kg dumbbells)
20 push ups on dumbbells
20 dumbbells front lunges
Time cap: 25 minutes

Part B:
3 sets of 8-12 bent over row & 1 min plank

In my group there were about 8 people. That’s not such a big group compared to evening classes there, but then again this was during working hours. Having so much fun during the workout, I happily RX’ed that bad boy. And even though I didn’t finish all 5 rounds, my forearms punished me for that for a few hours afterwards.

the Afterparty

After the WOD I spent some more time drooling over their equipment (figuratively), got myself a coconut water, a complementary tank top (“Eat. Train. Sleep. Repeat”) from their bar and chilled a bit to allow my forearms to recover so that I would actually be able to take a shower. Which gets me to compliment crossfit Myleo about their great looking lockers with benchmark WOD girls names on it. Nice touch there!

To sum it up, I highly recommend Crossfit myleo and next time I go to Berlin I will definitely pay them another visit (and special thanks to coach Daniel). Now off to continue being a tourist in Berlin!

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