3 tips to select a box for a drop-in

Since I have been getting some questions about how to select a nice box for a drop-in, I listed 3 tips  to make sure you’re ending up at a nice place for your next wod abroad.

1. See what boxes are around

Finding out which boxes are around is very easy using the Official Crossfit Affiliate Map. Typing in your destination shows which official affiliates are registrated in this place. You can either search for affiliate names or specific locations. Another website which is very handy is Unbox Guide where you can find reviews of different boxes.

2. social media check

After seeing which boxes are around, check their social media. Instagram and Facebook are most commonly used and they give a pretty good view of what sort of box you’re dealing with. What does the box look like, what kind of community do they have and what is the general feeling you get from these social media feeds? It’s like getting a peek behind the scenes and generally tells you more than their official website will do.

3. Accessibility

Whenever you’re traveling or city tripping, narrowing down your selection can be very helpful if you also look at accessibility. Crossfit boxes are not usually located in the middel of a city centre, so make sure you either have a car, bike, or a public transport connection to get there (if you can’t get there by foot). Using tips 1 and 2 in combination with Google Maps will definitely get you to the right place!

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