The Regionals: 5 reasons why every crossfitter should visit them

The Regionals are finished and the nominees for The Games 2017 are known. Weekends filled with YouTube live streams to follow as many as Regional events as possible and for me it ended  with an amazing visit to the Meridian Regional in Madrid. Here are 5 reasons why you as a crossfitter should at least once in your life attend a Regional in your area.


1. The spirit

Ever walked in a stadium with a few thousand crossfit enthousiasts all gathered together to see their favorite athletes shine? Well, this is your opportunity! The closer it gets to the final event, the more buzz you will find in the stadium as the excitement grows during the days. And never mind the ‘this is my team’ vibe (which is more likely in sports like football): every athlete is cheered for, even if they finish last. Obviously you just cheer a little harder when the athlete is from your box/city/country, but most of all it’s the passion for the same sport and lifestyle that binds us.

2. The legends

The Regionals are the place where you can see legends shine in real life. Annie Thorisdottir, Samantha Briggs, Bjorkvin Gudsmundzsson, Jonne Koski: they were all present at the Meridian Regional showing why they made name as legends. And no bigger inspiration than seeing these and other new legends-to-be giving their everything during the event just in a close-up from where you’re sitting.

Kristin Holte being interviewed by Rory Mckernan

3. The meet-ups

They walk around in the wild! Who? The athletes! If you’re a big fan, this is probably one of the best chances to meet them while they are wandering through the stadium. And guess what: they are just normal people like us (ok, with somewhat more superpower :)). But no problem to end up with awesome pictures like the ones from Monique van Melsen on her Instagram (@mvmelsen):

4. The shopping

I don’t think I have seen any other place before with men (in particular) walking around with so many shopping bags. If you want to see what’s available or new on the market in food supplements, apparel, equipment, accessories, etc, you’re in the right spot. Basically every big supplier has a stand to represent their brand.  And the best thing is that you can fit, touch, feel, and try everything!

5. The city

Explore the city! This year the Meridian Regional found place in Madrid, so a perfect opportunity to eat some tapas, drink some Sangria or Tinto de Verano, visit Mercado de San Miguel, wander past highlights as Palacio Real or Plaza de Espana or Plaza Mayor… And do not forget to do a drop-in in a local crossfit box (like we did at Crossfit DB)!

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