Summer at Crossfit Christiana in Oslo, Norway

Last July Daphne made a trip to Oslo, Norway to visit her Dutch-Norwegian friends, Alice and Tim! It was my second visit to Oslo, but the first time during summer season. The weather was absolutely wonderful, making Oslo even more pleasant than it already is. Once again, my friends went out of their way to entertain me, show me around the city’s best summer spots and indulge me with good food. This time however, they also made sure I got a taste of Norwegian crossfit by arranging a drop-in for me at CrossFit Christiania via their crossfit-loving friends, Sigrid (@ytbedre) and Simon (@simonsayscrossfit).


Crossfit Christiana

CrossFit Christiania started out as CrossFit Bislett in 2013 and was renamed to CrossFit Christiania in 2015, when they moved from Bislett Stadium to their current, larger facility. The original facility remains, as well as a new facility in Skur 13, Aker Brygge, where they offer free crossfit classes to local youth next to a skate park. How cool is that!

Their main facility is located in the center of Oslo and covers about 850 sqm. Their team of coaches and personal trainers consist of 15 coaches who run several classes next to the wods. These classes include weightlifting, endurance, competitor classes and yoga & mobility sessions. Furthermore, they have a weightlifting and powerlifting club called Christiania Atletklubb with a well-equipped area for that purpose. Prehab and rehab is also facilitated through their CFC Clinic where they offer physical therapy, massage and dry needling.

Our core value is community, and we pride ourselves on our awesome group of members and a positive environment that pushes and cheers on each other towards a healthier, fitter and better life. We run CFC based on a passion and love for CrossFit, and our goal is to provide safe, efficient and FUN(!) high-quality training to our members. (Oskar Nøkling, co-owner and head coach Crossfit Christiana)

Trust your friends

Before going on a trip, I usually do some research to find a box that suits my needs. Sometimes the list of criteria begins and ends with location and availability, but most of the times it is reviews, recommendations from friends and accessibility that play the biggest role in making a choice. This time the choice was made by my friends, so I was very curious to see where and how I would spend my Saturday morning in Oslo.

My friend took me to the box early enough to look around, take some pictures, talk to some of the members and warm up a bit. The box has several dedicated areas, changing rooms and showers and a lounge/reception area. The equipment was of a range you expect to find at any box and appeared adequate in volume. There were more people doing the wod than what I am used to at my own box, however the space is also almost twice as large. Also, because of the summer holiday period, the number of wods per day were decreased. The wod was a partner wod, which is great fun, but always a bit uneasy to me when visiting a box… However, I partnered up with two awesome ladies and it turned out to be great fun!

the wod

General warming up
800m run

Partner WOD:
400m run with medball (20/16)
100 WBS
50 Pull ups
Time cap: 25 min

Because of my inability to run, I rowed for the duration of the run of my partners, after which we divided the wall ball shots and pull ups. After about 22 minutes of shared agony, there was shared bliss!

To quote Oskar Nøkling, Co-owner: “The lion is the symbol of CFC. Heart of a Lion, is our motto, and the lion symbolizes strength, courage, pride and community – which we identify with! To be a lion you have to train with lions :-)”

After the wod I took some time to catch my breath and do some stretching, taking the mandatory group pic and ofcourse: buy a t-shirt as a memory of a morning of hard-work and fun at CrossFit Christiania!

nice to know

Useful information:

  • To sign up for a drop-in, send your name, crossfit box and which class you want to join (see schedule on their website) through their Facebook page: CrossFit Christiania or via e-mail:
  • As a visiting CrossFitter from another box, you can do one drop-in free of charge, however you are welcome to buy a t-shirt or bring one from your own box to add to their great collection! Mulitple sessions can be booked through their website at a charge of 149 NOK per session
  • Crossfit Christiania can be found at Øvre Vollgate 13, which is walking distance from the train station (Oslo S) and is just next to Stortinget and the Akershus Fortress (subway station: Stortinget T/tram station: Øvre Slottsgate)





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