Finnish standards at Nexo Crossfit, Valencia

Tamara went on a roadtrip in Andalusia, Spain. First stop: Nexo Crossfit in Valencia! While racing into Nexo Crossfit (I know, always be in time like I wrote earlier), I found myself in a huge and brand new box. Apparently they opened 2 days before, so I was very lucky to visit this new hotspot in town.

Sporty in Valencia

First of all, you should know that Valencia as a city in general is perfect for sports: the big riverbed from the former river Turía is converted into a 10 km long parc. It has various soccer fields, an athletics track, and 10 km of separate walking/biking/running paths which are widely used by locals and visitors. And the city has about 6 crossfit boxes covering different area’s.


finnish standards in Valencia

Trainer and owner Balázs Farkas welcomed me warmly in his new and well equiped box. This from origin Hungarian trainer made his way from the hospitaly branch into crossfit before he started his first box together with a companion in Helsinki, Finland. After a few years of crossfitting and co-owning a box here, he decided to pack his bags again and change surrounding to a somewhat warmer place: Valencia.

Now bringing his high Finnish standards to Valencia, he opened the Nexo box in a former church, just across the old center of Valencia on the other side of the Turía park. His vision is to build a community of crossfitters whereby technique is one of his main focuses.

“You cannot lift heavy weights and do crossfit if your technique is lacking. You will get injured very easily and that’s not what crossfit is about. I want to teach people how to do it the right way – just as the Skandinavian crossfitters do it.” (Balázs Farkas)

And as a qualified competitior in the Unbroken competition in Finland this year, he knows what it takes to be a skilled crossfitter.

let’s do this!

It turned out I was the only one who subscribed for the 8 o’clock wod on this Tuesday morning. While some others just finished their 7 o’clock training, I was basically up for a pt with Balázs. And he put his vision right into practice with me. He guided me through a set of deadlifts while strictly coaching me on every aspect of the basic technique again. (Very helpfull as I tent to not keep my back as straight as I should, which bothers me during regular wods with more weights on the deadlift).  And afterwards came the KB snatches and turkish get ups. The whole wod this morning was basically one big technique class and I loved every second of it!


3 min DU
10 min:
– Lying arm circles  (10 reps)
– Sliders alternating (10 reps)
– Single leg bridge (5/5 reps)

A: Deadlift (20 min)
8 – 6 – 4 – 2
– Increase weight each set
– Deadstop between reps
– Good form

B: Technique work (20 min)
1. KB snatch, 4-5 sets, 6 /6reps (10 min)
2. Turkish get up,  4-5 sets  (10 min)

The place to be

After rounding up my pt session, it felt like I did an heavy wod after all. Stretching was absolutely a must to prevent a sore muscled roadtrip the coming days.  After this work-out I definitely deserved some delicious banana bread at Bluebell coffee (in the Ruzafa neighbourhood).

For me, visiting Nexo was a great experience. I’m wishing the trainers of Nexo crossfit all the best of luck to build a great commuity! But I have no doubt that they will with such an amazing space and highly experienced trainers as Balázs and the famous crossfitter Elia Navarro. They will keep the standards high, so you will get a winning technique!



Nice to know:

  • Nexo Crossfit is located at Carrer de l’Arzobispo Fabián y Fuero 21 in Valencia
  • The cost for a single drop-in are € 12
  • Don’t forget to pack up your running shoes (if you like to run) and bathing suit (to go to the beach) if you’re visiting Valencia!



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